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Welcome to My World - Enjoy Your Stay
It appears that
The world's in a shambles?
With wars and rumors of wars
With people killing and massacuring people
With leaders unaware or unable to deal with the problems facing humanity
Is this your experience?

Here is an important message and theme for you to consider.
"Peace In Our Times" Achieved through YOU and ME.

It's not only the United Nations and the Governments of the world
That are responsible for "Peace In Our Times"
And it won't be these agencies that will bring about a lasting Peace.
Although they play a very important part in the process
it is each one of us that has that responsibility

There is Good News in all of this!
We also have the potential to develop a Peaceful World
And it begins in our HEARTS - in our MINDS - in our daily LIVES.

It really doesn't take much effort at all
All YOU have to do is make a commitment to try.

Whether in your family or your local community
or whether on the world stage,
YOU can make a difference
The amount of difference TOTALLY depends upon YOU!

... Heavy Burden? ... Not really ...
As you view these pages and maybe notice an inspirational saying
Or maybe a good word or two
Tell someone!

"Peace In Our Times"
Must begin with YOU and me....
There is no other place to look
So begin each New Day and New Millenium with a ray of Hope!