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Inspirational Sayings and Other Quotes

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The Blue Angel

... Very quietly God speaks through your thoughts and feelings. Heed the Divine Voice of your conscience. Listen for this, and you will never be disappointed with the results of your life.
... You had better live your best, act your best, think your best, dream your best and believe your best TODAY; for today is a preparation for tomorrow and all of the tomorrows that follow.
... When you hold a resentment against another, you are bound to that person (or situation) by a bound that is stronger than steel.
... Let go and let God. It's His job not yours!
... If life's a bowl of cheeries and you think you're in the pites, than maybe you forgot to prepare your life properly before you started to partake of it.
... Every worthwhile accomplishment, whether big or small, had its own stages of drudgery and triumph. It had a beginning, a struggle and a victory.
... Concern should drive us into action - not into depression.(K. Horney)
... Every truth we discover is for the world not for ourselves. Otherwise it's of little use.
... Fear makes strangers of people who should be friends. (S. McLaine)
... The law of life is change - nothing remains the same. We will not always feel as we feel now. If we accept our feelings as they come and try to feel them fully in as much as we are able, we will become more unified with our fellow man and with all existance.
... You cannot help others unless and until you understand the person you are trying to help.
... Some people succeed because they are destined too, but most people succeed because they are determined too.
... Sometimes love means letting go.
... Love is in the little things - in the care quietly expressed, in the advice freely given, in the touch of a hand, in the longing in a caress, in the glitter of a smile and in the cards that brighten your day.
... Be yourself you're better at it.
... Happiness is the result of doing something.
... When you equate men to Pigs, hopefully you're referring to the Pig's qualities of being sensitive, caring and intelligent animals.
... If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to meet it.
... There is nothing more consistent than inconsistency.
... Remember, we are only visiting this planet for a short time.
... Strive to become how you want to appear to others.
... Life is a game. And like all games consists of rules and obstacles but with a purpose.
... Knowledge is as wings to man's life, and a ladder for his ascent.... knowledge is a veritable treasure for man, and a source of glory, of bounty, of joy, of exaultation, of cheer and gladness unto him. (abdul-Baha)
... If we lack problems and difficulties we will invent them.
... God gives us illnesses to remind us that we are not #1 - He is.
... forget your own selves, and turn your eyes towards your neighbour.
... Hold on to your dreams. If you can imagine it .. if you can believe in it ... then you can achieve it.
... The path in life with no risk is the biggest risk of all.
... Success! ... To laugh often and love much. To win the respect of intelligent persons and endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty. To find the best in others. To leave the world a little better whether by a garden patch ... a healthy child ... or a redeemed social condition. To have played and sung with exaltation. To know even one life has breathed a little easier because you have lived. THIS IS SUCCESS!
... There are some people that leave impressions not as lasting as the imprint of an oar upon the water. (K. Hathaway)
... Until the reality of equality between man and women is fully established and attained, the highest social development of mankind is not possible. ('Abdul-Baha)

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