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The purpose here is to convey thoughts and feelings!


Not Unique But Still ... It's A Wonderful & Timely Idea!

"Every Day Counts Towards Making A Better World"
Dedicate your life "NOW" to the improvement of our Planet & your own personal lives!
Look To Peace ... In "Every" Situation!
No matter how small and insignificant it seems!
Know that every positive act helps to win our goal towards improving our lives!
Don't wait ... act now!
It's well worth the struggle!

Throughout this site definite questions are posed and logical answers are presented! Hopefully you wil explore the pages and links within this site for a deeper understanding of life's challenges!

For example: Who Am I?
What Am I meant To Become?
What is my TRUE potential?
The above three questions relate directly to the "True Self"!

To begin let's take a closer look at the individual.
Most people will agree that we are Spiritual Beings!
We move at an alarming pace as we journey through this life
In this short time we are destined to develop more fully, more spiritually!

Spiritual development is not something in which we have much of a choice.
We either develop spiritually or we exist in misery with little direction in life.
It is to this end that we were created and for no other purpose.
Therefore, all spiritual endeavours fall within the domain of personal development.
Simply put, we develop personally when we practice spiritual principles!

Now, it really doesn't matter if our spiritual approach to life is through humour.
Nor does it matter if our personality is of a more serious nature.
But, in understanding spirituality one fundamental laws needs to be realized
Human potential is far, far greater then we realize!

We have only begun to develop a sense of our potential for spiritual growth
It is this realization that helps us move forward towards discovering our true selves.
Through spiritual development comes fundamental changes.
This is experienced not only in the individual but also collectively, within society.
This basic need for change is becoming more and more evident as each day passes!

Look around
You will see that the collective life on this planet is slowly moving in the direction of change.
However, at present, it can also be noticed that our society is a Godless society.
Godless in the sense of ranpant and uncomtrollable materialism.

There is an urgent needs for this situation to be altered.
If humanity lacks the will to reverse this situation then forces around us will do so.

The world is being reborn and it is not waiting for the individual.
If you don't make yourselves ready than you will be left behind
Clouds resulting from inactivity are obscuring your ability to see what is happening around you.
As individuals we need to recognize materialism as the path leading to humanity's destruction!

Collectively and individually we must look for answers to solving the plight of humanity
Through whatever method we must learn to unlock our spiritual potential
This potential is Latent within each of us ready to burst forward!

So! For a brief moment

Abandon all your preconceived ideas and attitudes
If not, they will become a burden to the True Seeker
So! Learn to let go of what you think you know
... if you desire ...
Pass Through The Test of Fire
And enter